Dogs are a Bride and Groom’s Best Friend

HeartStone Ranch is Full of Animals, So We Invite You to Include Your Best Furry Friend on Your Special Day.

Our pets are our best friends. They are always there for us, sometimes even more than our closest human counterparts. So why should they be left out of your special day? At HeartStone Ranch, we understand that special bond with your dogs and we welcome your loving pups to be a part of your spectacular wedding day.

Bowties Are Definitely Required
“Well it’s about time these two got hitched”

At HeartStone Ranch we have a number of animals on the property. We are an equestrian paradise, just for the love of horses. We have 2 very large Draft Horses and a Mustang. Their admirable personalities and beauty are worth the hard work and care they require and honestly, we love every minute tending to them. Plus guests love being able to see these beautiful animals grazing in our pastures. Brides may request to be photographed with them, which adds a very special touch to the photos.

Photos with the Horses are a Favorite

Our goats, Molly & Muffin have turned out to be quite the workforce and eat all the weeds on the property! It’s a win win situation. We also have chickens and a number of ducks. When strolling on the lawns during tours we have to be careful where we step because they love to lay their duck eggs anywhere they please. It’s quite adorable and fun. Not to worry, they stay home on wedding days and there will be no duck eggs laying about on your special day.

We’ve had a number of Brides & Grooms incorporate their loving dogs in the ceremony. Guests never get tired of seeing adorable pups walking down the aisle with bow ties, cheeky signs hanging around their necks or working as ring bearers with pillows attached to their backs. It brings all the emotions because your guests get a good laugh before they break out their tissues for tears of joy when they see you, the bride, for the first time. It adds such a lovely element to your ceremony and we want you to have all your favorite people and animals present.

The Dog is really excited about the Wedding

We want to learn more about you and your furry family member. Call or email us to give us more details. We can’t wait to tell you more about HeartStone Ranch.

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