Frequently Asked Questions


 Venue Pricing Questions

 What is included in the Venue Fee?

We include a beautiful and romantic coastal location with oceans and mountain views and expansive gardens. We also include indoor dressing rooms for bridal party, luxury restrooms and lighting for your reception/dance floor area plus a gift certificate to our Vintage Rentals to personalize your wedding. Please see our website where you will find information and pricing packages. The venue fees and the Vacation rental fees are set up differently to accommodate those who choose to stay on site or not.

 Do you charge a service fee on top as well?

No additional venue fees with the exception of a $1000 refundable damage deposit. Deposit has always been returned because we require professional vendors to assist the client with all aspects of the event production and clean up.

 What is the Small Destination Package?

Small destination package is for 50 guests or less (can have 75 with additional $2500) and includes 2 night stay in the house for 15 guests which is $2000 per night. Gift certificate of $250 is included for any vintage rentals. There is a county bed tax on overnight stays of 12% and a cleaning fee of $500 in addition to nightly rate .

 What is the Classic Romantic Package?

Please see the Package Tab on the website for a complete description of our Classic package.  However, the $12,500 fee includes site use for the outdoor ceremony and reception for 150 guests or less with indoor dressing areas for wedding party, luxury restrooms, lighting and a rental gift certificate. If guests want to stay in the house it is an additional $2,000 per night as described and listed on our VRBO website.

 Is a 2-night stay in the mansion included in the Classic Package?

A two night stay is not part of the Classic Package.

 We will have around 250 guests, for which it looks like the site fee is $17,500.

Yes that is the fee.

 What are the details of the “upper lawn and dance floor lighting”?  I’m assuming this does not include the dance floor itself?

There is a cement patio on the upper lawn which most couples choose to use as the dance floor. Some brides prefer to rent a wooden floor to place there however most choose to use the patio as is.. seems to work great.

 What is included in the Restroom Trailer?

There are 5 private stalls for Ladies and 3 urinals plus 2 stalls for men. There are 2 sinks in each of the Ladies and 2 for the men. We provide hand soap, toilet paper and paper hand towels for you in the restroom trailer. You are welcome to provide any items you like for your guests. We can keep it stocked for you. We check it every hour to be sure it is clean and ample supplies are available.

 Also what type of deposits & insurance are required?

We require 50% nonrefundable deposit in order to reserve the date.  We do require that you get day of liability insurance naming us as additional insured. It is usually very easy to get and inexpensive through a homeowner’s policy or WedSafe.

 When is the balance of the fees due?

All other costs are due 90 days prior to your event.

 What is a vintage gift certificate?

You can check out our Vintage Rental website to see the inventory we have to use your Gift Certificate.


 What dates are available?

We only schedule 8 weddings per year between mid April and mid October. We avoid the rainy season. We only do one wedding per weekend. Best dates go quickly once we open up tours and bookings.

Please check regular calendars for national holidays and local festivals, which impact hotel availability.


What vendors are required for your Venue?

We require a Full Service Caterer handling all rentals, “month of” professional Wedding Planner and Valet. Other vendors you will need are DJ, Florist, Cake, etc.

Do you can a list of Approved vendors or may I bring my own?

We do have Approved vendors and you may send us a list of vendor choices and we can try approve them to be sure they have the professionalism we require, proper licenses and insurance.

 Your venue is byo beer and wine, right?

You may provide your own liquor that must be served by licensed and insured caterer or a designated bartenders. No self served alcohol due to insurance and liability. You also need to have day of insurance that includes alcohol, listing HeartStone Ranch as additional insured. See planning page for additional information.

I’m assuming there are no restrictions on bringing in hard alcohol and wine etc?

You may have liquor at your event as long as you hire a professional caterer with licensed and insured bar staff to serve it.

Is there a guest count above which you require additional facilities?

The luxury restroom trailer has 10 toilets, 5 for ladies and 3 urinals plus 2 stalls for the men.   No additional needed.

Is your outdoor lighting limited to the dance floor or are there hanging lights that illuminate the rest of the reception area?

The lighting is included for the dance floor and a reception area on upper lawn for about 180 guests. With increased guest number you would need to use the lower lawn and add additional lighting by our vendor Spark Creative. They could provide a quote for you. We also include valet lighting, caterer lighting and outside restroom trailer lighting. We have landscape lighting, exterior home lighting and lights in the pergolas. Really lovely!

Do you require valet services?

We do require Valet services in order to accommodate a number of guests over 75.  We can park about 100 cars on site and if you anticipate more vehicles then we recommend a hiring a shuttle service to drive from local hotels to accommodate your guests. If you anticipate heavy drinking shuttles are a very good protection for them and you as hosts. We limit the size of shuttles on the property to small and medium, we can not accommodate large tour buses. Under 75 guests you need a parking monitor who can be a family member or friend.

Do you require Security?

Additional security depends on number of guests, children invited and whether hard alcohol is being served and when. Any alcohol prior to ceremony is a red flag for us. HeartStone Ranch site manager is on site from vendor arrival to 12 midnight.

Do you allow live bands?

We will allow small live bands only with pre-approval. Before booking if a live band is on your must have list, provide band name and we will determine if it is appropriate for our Outdoor Venue.  Due to the estate location, outdoor event and in consideration of our neighbors, we must strictly regulate the sound level to avoid complaints.  We do not allow bands with a horn section.


What time can the reception start?

 The packages include 8 hrs of guest time, usually 2-10pm. Most ceremonies start at 4pm so 2-4pm allows dressing and pre-wedding photos. The event is over at 10pm at which time music must be off and guests leaving.

What is the music curfew?  is there an absolute event curfew even after music stops?

Music curfew is 10pm and the event is considered over at that time with guests leaving and gone within a reasonable time with valet services. Clean up must be completed by 12 midnight with all vendors gone and lights out.

When can deliveries and pick up be scheduled?

Your caterer is responsible all rental delivery, set up and tear down of all your rentals, tables, chairs, heaters, umbrellas, etc. You either pay the rental company or caterer for set up and break down, it is your choice.

We only have 1 wedding per weekend so the deliveries Friday and pick ups Monday are ok.  Delivery time upon approval. You can begin set up about 6 hours before the wedding invitation time. Additional time can be approved.


 When I can schedule a tour of the property?

Email to schedule a tour. Tours generally take about 45 minutes.

Vacation Rental

 A stay at the mansion is $4k for 2 night minimum correct?  How many people does this accommodate?

We can accommodate 15 guests in the house. VRBO’s with scheduled events have a 2 night minimum, however just Vacation Rentals have a 3 night minimum. The link is at the top of our home page for our VRBO listing.

What hotels are in the Area?

There is a Best Western, Holiday Inn Express and a Motel 6 in Carpinteria only minutes away and very convenient.  Other hotels in Montecito and Santa Barbara as well as Vacation rentals on VRBO. I recommend reserving rooms at different price points and letting your guests decide which one meets their needs.

Any other general info/wedding packets you can email me?

I would be happy to answer additional questions if you would like to set up a tour of the Ranch.