Your Guests Will Be Over the Moon!

HeartStone Ranch Gives Your Guests The Best Wedding Experience

Your guest experience begins as they enter the town of Carpinteria. Ocean views from the freeway and the scent of the sea are a breath of fresh air. Driving to HeartStone Ranch they get to meander through the beautiful foothills and it starts to set the tone for the gorgeous outdoor wedding they are ready to attend. Upon arrival at the venue, they are greeted by the convenience of valet parking. They then stroll up the walkway with a view of the barn to the left and are surrounded by lush, glorious gardens until they reach the arched passageway that enters the lower lawn where the ceremony takes place. The wedding vibe sets in at last, they officially fall in love with your wedding day and the beautiful memories begin.

Lovely scene with Horses Grazing

As your guests sink into the setting, their experiences are just about to get better. We have the very best, preferred vendors in town; all tried and true. We recommend Caterers, Wedding Coordinators, Rental Companies, Photographers, Entertainment, Florists, Lighting Companies and Valet. Basically anyone and everyone you’ll need to make your dream wedding come true. By choosing great vendors, your wedding will be flawless and your guests will be over the moon with the day and into the evening with service they receive. Great vendors make the evening flow and everyone is able to have a wonderful time celebrating your nuptials and life of love. The focus remains on you and your happy day when you have experienced vendors who know how to execute a perfect wedding.

Time Stands still for this Emotional Moment

The scenery will exceed everyone’s expectations; guests will enjoy the various areas for ceremony, cocktail hour, lounging, dancing and reception. And the best part is they don’t have to travel to another location after the ceremony has concluded! Staying in one place throughout the night is always a guest preference. Aside the various locations throughout your wedding evening, everyone loves seeing life on the ranch. Visiting the goats and seeing the horses peacefully grazing in the pasture never ceases to be entertaining. Bride and Groom photos with the Horses, can add a very special element to your wedding day. HeartStone Ranch provides an elegant and natural environment, which always ends with pleasant memories.

Enjoying the Happiness of the Day

When the evening is over and all your guests head back to town, they have numerous restaurants, beer & wine tasting, beaches and antique shops at their fingertips. The town of Carpinteria is location centric and everything is within walking distance. It’s a wonderful place for a weekend stay and they won’t get bored with the lovely places to visit. If they choose to stay in the downtown Santa Barbara area, it’s only a short 15-minute drive. There they will have museums, the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail and so much more to explore. An Uber ride is easy to come by so getting a ride to and from HeartStone Ranch is simple and welcomed or catch a ride on your hosts Wedding Party Bus to extend the evening into tomorrow.

Let’s Get On Board for more Fun!

HeartStone Ranch provides you with all the vendors and environment to create your perfect wedding day and your guests will be over the moon. We can’t wait to chat with you and help you make your wedding dreams come true and provide your guests a flawless day of beautiful events to celebrate your love.

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